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City in Nature

Urban Forest

Why is this important?

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Trees aren’t just nice to look at, they are good for us.

According to the United Nations New Urban Agenda, 2016: “Trees can cool cities by between 2 and 8oC. When planted near buildings, trees can cut air conditioning use by 30%. One large tree can absorb 150kg of carbon dioxide a year, as well as filter some of the airborne pollutants”.

As the City becomes more densely populated, trees are being removed from private properties and public areas, including our streets. The City’s recent urban heat survey found that 85% of community respondents would like more shade in their local area to provide cover on hot days*.

The value of Council’s street trees has been calculated at $140 million and Council has planted more that 250,000+ trees in Council reserves since 2013. Since 2013, the community has assisted Council in planting 27,000 tube stock as part of National Tree Day.

Currently Council has 33% tree canopy cover within the local government area. 15% is within parks and bushland, 13% on private property, 3% are street trees and 2% are authority/institutional trees.

By selecting the right tree species and plating them in the right location, we can reduce problems like damaged footpaths and dropping branches. In doing so, we will also capture the benefits and value that trees provide – things like improved property value, improved amenity and greater spaces for children to play.

Increase canopy cover to 40% by 2050 (based on 2016 levels)

What we’re already doing

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  • Delivering the tree planting program, planting around 1,000 street trees every year
  • Responding to community requests for tree removals, pruning and planting
  • Engaging our community on the value of trees through National Tree Day

Our actions (1–4 years)

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  • Develop an Urban Forest Strategy
  • Prioritise street tree plantings along cycleways and the Parramatta Ways walking network
  • Plant more diverse street tree species to withstand pests, disease and the changing climate
  • Work with energy providers to reduce conflict between street trees and power lines
  • Review and improve planning and development controls to protect existing trees and maximise the opportunity for new ones
  • Regulate planting on new growth precincts to ensure canopy trees are planted in streets and on private property
  • Continue planting tube stock in Council reserves
  • Involved community in National Tree Day and similar events
  • Develop a community engagement program to value trees within the city

For more information

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