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Swimming at Lake Parramatta

Lake Parramatta closed late-April to late-September

We’re creating a safer, more accessible Lake Parramatta Swimming Area

Work on the Lake Parramatta Swimming Area Upgrade is scheduled to start the week commencing 29 April 2024 and will take approximately 19 weeks to complete. For safety, the swimming area and surrounds, including some walking tracks and the picnic areas, will be closed. Areas will be fenced and signs will provide information on detours to open walking tracks.

Subject to weather and site conditions, it is expected that work will be completed by late-September 2024 allowing Lake Parramatta to reopen in October for the 2024/25 swimming season. For more information see Participate Parramatta.


Lake Parramatta is located in Lake Parramatta Reserve, a 73 hectare habitat popular with visitors who enjoy picnics, aquatic activities and bush walking.

The lake is 10.5 hectares in size and was officially re-opened for public swimming and water recreation activities in January 2015.

Its reopening marked an important step for the 'Our Living River' initiative and was launched by the Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG).

The PRCG is spearheaded by 12 local councils, government agencies and community groups with the aim to set a range of achievable targets to bring currently unusable parts of the river and surrounding creeks back to life.


Lake Parramatta Reserve offers a range of facilities:

  • designated swimming area
  • boat hire
  • non-motorised boating facilities
  • children’s playground
  • off-street car park
  • walking trails
  • public toilets
  • BBQs
  • picnic facilities
  • a cafe

Entrance and Opening Hours

Entry into Lake Parramatta Reserve is from Lackey Street via Bourke Street, North Parramatta.  
Lake Parramatta provides Lifeguard Supervision during peak swimming periods.
Swimmers are encouraged to swim in the designated swimming area when Lifeguards are present during Lifeguard Patrols.

Please note that the Lake will be unsupervised until late October 2024.

Safe swimming at Lake Parramatta

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Swimming safety tips

30% of drowning deaths occur in natural water ways like rivers, lakes and dams. Minimise the risk by:

  • Not swimming alone
  • Know your swimming ability and stay within a suitable depth
  • Wear a buoyancy vest or life jacket
  • Not swimming outside of the designated swimming area
  • Only swimming during patrolled hours
  • Lifeguards will be patrolling the swimming enclosure during the stated hours; this is the safest area to swim
  • Not swimming for three days after heavy rain; there may be submerged objects that could cause injury

It is important to take care when walking on slippery or uneven surfaces around or in water. Conditions should be checked before entering the water slowly, feet first or slide into the water on your bottom. Avoid submerged obstacles, such as tree branches and rocks.

If you get in trouble

  • Float on your back
  • Try not to panic; relax as much as possible, this will help you to float
  • Stay as still as possible, this will conserve your energy
  • Breath normally
  • Attract attention by raising one arm and/or calling out for help

Avoid alcohol around water

Alcohol often contributes to drownings. It impairs judgement, encourages greater risk taking behaviour, reduces coordination, impairs reaction time and reduces the effectiveness of CPR, should someone require it.

On average, approximately 25% of adult drownings deaths each year involve alcohol, with 44% of these occurring near rivers, creeks and streams. A further 9% of these occur in lakes, dams and lagoons.

Learn to swim

The City of Parramatta Council offers affordable swimming and water safety lessons in Parramatta and Epping. For further details, call Epping: 9806 5633 or Parramatta: 9806 5700.

Learn first aid

Gain the knowledge and skills to administer first aid until medical help arrives.

Water quality

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City of Parramatta Council manages a comprehensive water quality program to:

  • monitor the environmental status of Lake Parramatta
  • advise users about any changes in the lake’s water quality conditions

Transport and parking

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Lake Parramatta Reserve has 68 car spots on site. When the car park is full, parking is available on surrounding streets just a short walk way.

Public transport

If you arrive by train, disembark at the Parramatta Interchange - you can then catch a bus from the Parramatta CBD (bus route 609). The bus stops 50 metres from the entrance to Lake Parramatta every hour, Monday to Saturday, and three times on Sundays.

Alternatively, buses that travel along Windsor Road and Pennant Hills Road include stops about 500 metres from the Lake Parramatta entrance.

To plan your journey visit Transport for NSW or call 131 500.

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