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Trees on public land

Greening Parramatta

Trees play an important role in the ‘greening’ of our City. We know that a greener city means a cooler city, a cleaner environment and a happier and healthier community. 

This year will be our biggest planting season ever! 

2022 Greening Our City Planting

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The City of Parramatta was awarded $500,000 by the NSW Government with Council matching that funding to plant more than 2,600 trees. Planting is planned to start in April 2022.

Proudly funded by the NSW Government in association with Local Government NSW, the Greening Our City grant program aims to increase tree canopy and green cover across the Greater Sydney Region by planting one million trees by the end of 2022.

In addition to cooling our city, new trees will support local habitat and enliven our streets making them more attractive now and for generations to come. 

What types of trees are being planted?

Arborists will ensure tree types are suited to the proposed planting location with trees selected to perform well in the local environment. Constraints such as overhead power-lines, access requirements and existing street trees have been considered. A variety of advanced trees including natives and exotics, evergreen and deciduous, have been chosen with the hope that these trees will be welcomed as part of the community and provide a range of benefits now and into the future.

For details on the types of trees being planted see Tree Champion page.

Where will planting take place?

The project team has used a number of studies to identify the areas most vulnerable to the impacts of urban heat – those most likely to benefit from additional tree canopy.

Planting will take place in streets and parks across our Local Government Area in suburbs including Constitution Hill, Epping, Ermington, Granville, North Rocks, Parramatta, Silverwater, Toongabbie and Winston Hills.

For details on planting locations and trees selected, see the interactive map.

Care for trees

Council will be maintaining our new trees for 12 months and is also looking for Tree Champions to help monitor the health of the trees and report if trees in their street or suburb are in need of extra care.

For details on how you can help our new trees become established and reach their full potential, see our Tree Champion page.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Greening Parramatta project is a tree planting project across the Parramatta LGA. It is part of the Greening Our City grant program funded by NSW Government in association with Local Government NSW. The program aims to increase tree canopy and green cover across the Greater Sydney Region by planting one million trees by the end of 2022. City of Parramatta has been awarded $500,000, and Council will be matching funding to plant more than 2,600 trees this year. 

  • Planting will start in April 2022 and take place across the Parramatta area through to July 2022.

  • Trees are valuable assets and play an essential role in helping to cool the city, improve the air quality, support local habitat, reduce the impact of stormwater, and make the city attractive, healthy, and sustainable.

  • Council will be planting more than 2,600 trees in areas including Constitution Hill, Winston Hills, Parramatta, Granville, Epping, Ermington, Silverwater, Toongabbie and North Rocks. These areas have been identified as some of the most vulnerable to the impacts of urban heat in our Local Government Area and the most likely to benefit from additional tree canopy. Tree planting will provide more shade; help reduce urban heat, particularly in summer; create more attractive neighbourhoods and improve air quality. 

    View the interactive map
  • Tree species have been carefully selected by an arborist to ensure the most suitable trees are planted within each street. A variety of robust native and exotic species, both evergreen and deciduous, have been selected. The type of tree planted in your street will be chosen to meet specific site conditions, with overhead powerlines, driveway access and existing trees in your street considered. For details of the types of trees being planted

    Visit the interactive map
  • Council will water and care for these trees for the next year to ensure they reach their full potential. Although, we ask residents to let Council know if your street trees need more attention. To report any concerns around your street trees, please take note of the tree number on the identification tag attached to the tree(s) and contact City of Parramatta on email

  • All locations for the 2022 planting program have been allocated.

    Requests for trees via the Online Services portal will be reviewed by the Open Space Team, and if deemed suitable added to the Public Trees 2023 program.

  • From March to 1 July 2022, Council promoted the opportunity for residents to become involved in monitoring the health of our new street trees by becoming Tree Champions. The application stage has now closed. The Greening Parramatta team is currently allocating trees to our potential Tree Champions and will be in contact shortly. If you have any questions, please email

    More information about becoming a tree champion
  • Trees and supplies for each stage of planting will be delivered daily with only minimal equipment on your street each day. This may result in minor disruptions. Traffic controllers will be in place if required to ensure pedestrians and motorists are guided appropriately at delivery times.

  • For more information on the 2022 Greening Our City program please email or contact Council on 1300 617 058 and ask for the Greening Our City team within the City Strategy Unit.

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