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Charting our direction

We want all people to benefit from our City’s growth and prosperity.

City of Parramatta is going through unprecedented change and transformation as it becomes Sydney’s Central City.

The intensity of growth and investment in City of Parramatta means that Council, our partners, and our community have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to shape the City’s future and ensure it is culturally, socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

To achieve this, City of Parramatta has prepared four major strategies to guide the city’s growth and change, and ensure that Parramatta is liveable, productive, sustainable and leading, both now and in the future.

Environmental sustainability strategy

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We believe a great city is one that grows better every day and we need to ensure that the natural environment creates a better quality of life, not just for people, but for all living things.

The City of Parramatta Environmental Sustainability Strategy outlines our 4 key environmental directions and 20 priority goals as our City grows, so that all of us – residents, workers and visitors feel the benefits of our growing City.

Environmental sustainability is maintaining all the things we love about where we live, work and play. It’s about preserving everything that makes our City great, even as it grows.

Culture and our City

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City of Parramatta’s Cultural Plan champions the role that culture plays in city building.

Culture invites us and others to celebrate Parramatta as a cosmopolitan global city that is rich in diversity and history.

It showcases what we are passionate about, what we value and who we are.

Our new Cultural Plan prepares our City for the opportunities and challenges that unprecedented growth brings and outlines a roadmap that threads a cultural heartbeat throughout our changing cityscape.

Socially Sustainable Parramatta Framework

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We want everyone in our community to benefit from our City’s growth and prosperity, and we recognise that now is the time to take significant strides to shape a future for our City that all people can share in.

Sharing The Opportunities Of Growth For All is City of Parramatta’s Framework for advancing social sustainability in our local government area and sets out a new way of working for City of Parramatta that puts people first.

Economic Development Plan

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City of Parramatta’s Economic Development Plan is a five year plan outlining the challenges and opportunities for the local economy of the City of Parramatta.

It sets our City’s key economic directions and priorities; and recognises that business and employment growth is essential to ensuring the wellbeing of our entire community.

The Economic Development Plan works to ensure that, in partnership with others, we are focused on delivering inclusive growth for all.

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