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Waste & Recycling

Your Bins

Ahead of bin collection please make sure bins are: 

  • Placed out the evening prior to collection
  • Placed correctly on the kerb with the lids closed
  • Not too heavy (bins may not be collected if they weigh more than 70kgs)

Council works closely with its waste and recycling contractor Veolia to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Please do not put hot coals, ash, or flammable chemicals into your bins as they may cause fires.


Garbage Bin

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Type: Garbage Bin

Size/Load Capacity: 140L / 70kg

Lid colour: Red or Green

Frequency of collection: weekly

Upsize availability: Single Unit Dwellings (SUDs) have the option to up-size their garbage bins from 140L to 240L for an additional cost. 

Recycling Bin

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Type: Recycling Bin 

Size/Load Capacity: 240L / 70kg

Lid colour: Yellow

Frequency of collection: fortnightly

Upsize availability: No. Multi Unit Dwellings share 1 between 2 households


Garden Bin

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Type: Garden Bin

Size/Load Capacity: 240L / 70kg

Lid colour: Lime or dark green

Frequency of collection: fortnightly

Upsize availability: No. Multi Unit Dwellings do not normally have these

Domestic Waste Charge

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What is the Domestic Waste Charge?

Council is required to provide and charge all residential properties for a domestic waste management service under the Local Government Act 1993. This charge is prescribed as per Council’s published Fees and Charges and currently entitles households to the following services:

  • Weekly domestic waste collection (red lidded bin);
  • Fortnightly recycling (yellow lidded bin) and garden waste (green lidded bin) collection on alternate weeks;
  • Household Clean Up Collections;
  • Problem Waste Collection Services; and
  • Community engagement and education programs.

How is the Domestic Waste Charge calculated?

Your domestic waste charge is based on:

  • Size of the garbage bin you are currently using
  • The amount the City of Parramatta is charged to process and dispose of domestic waste

For annual domestic waste charges please see the Schedule of Fees and Charges 2023-2024 below

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