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Development application information - DA Tracker

Important notice: All Development applications, including modifications, Section 8.3 Review applications are required to be lodged through the NSW Planning portal. Any additional information requests, determination notices( including consents and stamped plans) are also made available through the NSW Planning portal.

Please note that planning approval was granted by the New South Wales Government for the Parramatta Light Rail project, which will run along Church Street. See up-to-date information on the Parramatta Light Rail project

Development applications

Before you can make changes to a building in the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA) you may need to lodge a development application (DA).

The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 defines development as the:

  • use of land
  • subdivision of land
  • erection of a building
  • carrying out of work
  • demolition
  • any other matter controlled by an environmental planning instrument.

Exempt and complying developments

Some minor developments, called exempt developments, do not require consent.

Another type of development, called complying development, requires a complying development certificate.

DA process guide

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The NSW Government has a comprehensive guide to the development application process.

The guide explains the processes involved in development assessment and construction approval.

Development lodgement applications

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The development lodgement process is as follows:

Collect application documents

Collect all documentation and information required for your application (DA, section 4.55 or section 8.3). You do not need hard copies of plans or any other documents at this stage.

Lodge the application

Lodge your application online on the NSW Planning Portal with all documents and plans.

You do not need to pay a fee. Do not send cheques with your applications.

You will receive an acknowledgement letter.

You do not need hard copies of plans or any other documents at this stage.

Application review

We will review your application within 72 business hours (working days) of receipt.

We will contact you for the following:

  • application acceptance and to request fee/s payment
  • application return with a request for you to give us more information

Accepted applications

If your application is accepted, we will request a fee payment request via the portal We will also let you know if we need more information.

Fee payment

After you pay the fees.Your application will be lodged as a development application, section 4.55 modification and we will start the assessment of your application.

Credit card authorisation forms

We do not accept credit card authorisation forms as payment for development application, section 4.55 or section 8.3 application fees.

You will need to pay by cheque, in person at our Customer Contact Centre or via the online payment portal.

Review of determination of a development application (Section 8.3)

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If we have refused your development application, and you want the determination of development application reviewed. You need to lodge and have it determined within six (6) months of the date of determination of your application.

A review of a determination must be determined by the Parramatta Local Planning Panel (PLPP).

It is advisable to submit review applications within three (3) months of the determination of the application. This gives us enough time to assess the application and refer your application to the PLPP for determination before the six (6) month deadline.

Review of modifications

If you want to review a modification (section 4.55), you must lodge it to us no later than 28 days after the modification was determined. (Environmental Planning & Assessment Regulations 2000 Clause 123I)

Modifying a development consent

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If you need to make changes to a DA after we give consent, you must submit a:

  • section 4.55(1) application to correct a minor error, an incorrect description or miscalculation
  • section 4.55(1A) application for minimal environmental impact changes
  • section 4.55(2) application to modify the consent in other ways, due to design changes for example, evidence needs to be provided that the development will be substantially the same,
  • section 4.56 application to modify a consent handed down by the Land and Environment Court

Section 4.55 and 4.56 applications also need verified consent from all of the registered property owners for the changes to be considered.

If a company owns the property, the company stamp or seal is required. If the building is subject to a strata scheme, the owners' corporation seal and authorised signatures are required.

Further requirements

A section 4.55/4.56 application needs to include:

  • the completed application form (download below)
  • fee payment
  • supporting documentation

Additional information may still be required. We recommend you discuss your proposed changes with the officer who dealt with your DA before you lodge the modification.

Subdivision certificate, sections 88B and 88E endorsement applications

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All applications to Council must be accompanied by:

  • a completed application form
  • all required documents required on the associated checklist

Subdivision certificates

Subdivision applications must include deposited plan administration sheets completed by a registered surveyor, subdivision plans and any associated section 88B instruments.

All subdivision applications must be lodged through the NSW planning portal. 

Please do not post your application to Council.

Please ensure that all documents are of a high-quality scan and be in PDF format.

A separate payment request will be sent when the application is lodged and accepted by Council.

Please visit Development and Building Forms for the Subdivision Certificate application form with checklist.

Section 88E instrument application

Section 88E instrument applications must be accompanied by a completed application form and include completed 13PC and 13RPA forms and their associated annexures. 

Please email your Section 88E instrument application to

Mailed and in person (face to face) at Council’s Customer Contact Centre are not accepted.

Please ensure that all documents are of a high-quality scan and be in PDF format.

A separate payment request will be sent when the application is lodged and accepted by Council.

Please visit Development and Building Forms for the Endorsement of 88E Instruments application form with checklist.


DA Tracker

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Our DA Tracker lets you:

  • view City of Parramatta's planning instruments
  • find out what developments are allowed on individual properties
  • view our planning controls and instruments
  • track your application online

You can also access general information about individual properties in the LGA.

To assist you in preparing your development application visit Development and Building Forms for further details and requirements.

Buying property

If you're looking to purchase property in the LGA, you can use the DA Tracker for planning information including:

  • property zoning, maximum building height, floor space ratio, minimum lot sizes for subdivision and dual occupancy and more
  • planning application history for a property
  • planning rules for developments for a specific property or land use zone

Renovating and building

The planning rules enquiries section in DA Tracker lets you:

  • find out what work you can do on your property
  • if you need approval for the work
  • what planning controls apply to your development

Submitted an application?

The applications section in DA Tracker lets you view your:

  • development applications
  • construction certificates 
  • complying development certificates 
  • building certificates
  • tree applications

Contact us

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General planning advice

Our Town Planners can provide you with some general planning advice, please use the Duty Planner Booking Form for a 15 minute conversation or call our Customer Contact Centre on (02) 9806 5524 or 1300 617 058 or email to arrange a response. 

Meetings with Planning Advisory staff are by appointment only.

Major developments

Before you prepare a DA for a major development such as a new building or major refurbishment, get in touch with our Development Advisory Team or Customer Contact Centre on (02) 9806 5050 or

Upcoming events