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FS Garside Park remediation and construction

September 2022 to mid-2024

Following extensive community consultation, a master-planning process, development of a Remediation Action Plan and approval from various NSW Government agencies, City of Parramatta has engaged Greater West Landscapes to remediate FS Garside Park and deliver exciting upgrades. For more information visit FS Garside.

Experiment Farm Landscape and Remediation Works 

August - November 2022

Work is underway to construct a protective 'capping' layer to permanently address contaminated soils found within Experiment Farm Cottage Reserve. 

Over nine (9) weeks, a geotextile marker and capping layer using certified clean soil will be constructed. The protective cap will raise the height of the reserve by approximately 30cm, with footpaths constructed at the new level. Further landscaping work is also being undertaken. For more information please visit Experiment Farm

New James Hardie Legacy Site (52) identified - Excelsior Reserve, North Rocks

October 2021

In August 2020, City of Parramatta engaged specialist consultants to undertake soil testing within an area of Excelsior Reserve (also known as Excelsior Park or Darling Mills Creek Reserve), adjacent to a section of the Murri-Yanna walking track, North Rocks.

Asbestos containing materials were discovered below the surface of the bushland reserve.

While air-monitoring undertaken during the investigations showed there was no immediate risk to the public, taking precautionary action Council closed the site to prevent soil disturbance and ensure the site remained safe.

Council and specialist consultants have continued investigating potential contamination at Excelsior Reserve North Rocks engaging with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to reassess the site and the surrounding areas.

New Site 52 – Excelsior Reserve, North Rocks

The EPA has undertaken a review of the area including analysing historical aerial photos, anecdotal evidence from community members and results of Council’s investigations.

These multiple lines of evidence conclude that part of Excelsior Reserve may be affected by legacy asbestos filling associated with James Hardie.

Council will continue to plan for the remediation of Council-owned lands within Excelsior Reserve, with work expected to continue throughout 2021.

Council will continue to advise the community on the progress of this work with the usual letters, signage and website updates.

For more information please visit Excelsior Reserve.

Experiment Farm Harris Park, Parkes Street Footpath Works

March 2021

On 15 March 2021, work to replace the existing footpath with a new double-width footpath will begin.  These works will permanently cap asbestos containing materials known to be present in soils beneath the nature strip. For more information please visit Experiment Farm.

New James Hardie Legacy site (49) identified in Granville

The NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has advised City of Parramatta Council it now considers FS Garside Park in Granville to be a James Hardie Legacy site.

In May 2019, Council commissioned soil investigations on the site as part of its early works to prepare the North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan.

While Asbestos air quality monitoring results before, during and after the testing were within normal levels, soil test results indicated some areas of the park contain materials (currently buried beneath the soil) that may pose a risk to public health and safety if disturbed. 

As a precautionary safety measure, Council has closed the dog park, the reserve at Duck Creek and sections of the football field to prevent public access and soil disturbance.  

Remediation to these areas will be carried out as part of the Masterplan and park improvement works expected to commence in 2020.
Council’s webpages FS Garside Park and the North Granville Community Facilities Masterplan have more information on the proposed improvements to FS Garside Park. 

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