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Environmental Sustainability Strategy

School Sustainability Opportunities

Supporting our Schools to become more sustainable


City of Parramatta is providing $35,500 worth of funding to schools within the City of Parramatta local government area, to increase uptake of Kitchen Garden Programs, cycling programs, biodiversity based citizen science projects, and improved school ecosystems. All education institution are welcome to apply including early learning centres, primary schools, and secondary schools.

The Kitchen Garden Program is provided as a subsidy and will be paid directly to Penrith Lakes Environmental Education Centre who will manage the distribution of teaching staff and resources to the successful schools.  All other grants will be paid as one off grant to be managed by your school during 2023 calendar year (including school holiday programs provided they are run by the school on school property).

All education providers within the Parramatta LGA are welcome to apply.

The School Grants are NOW OPEN and closing date is 16th October. Please contact the Environmental Education Officer for assistance outside this grants period on or 02 9806 8292.


Sustainability support programs (Back to top)

Sustainability support programs
  • This network supports teachers and educators in delivering environmental programs or activities within their school. 

    Send us an email to find out more and to join our network communications where we discuss issues regarding gardening, sustainable activities, resource sharing, grants, and ideas.

    For details on upcoming events visit and like our Liveable Parramatta Facebook page.

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  • The School Grants are NOW OPEN and closing date is 16th October.

    Council runs an annual grant program for schools within the City of Parramatta local government area, to assist in increasing student and teacher awareness of environmental issues and engagement in environmental activities. 

    To find out more details please contact Council’s Sustainability & Waste Team:

    Phone: (02) 9806 8184

  • Council recognises the importance of working with local schools regarding waste avoidance and resource recovery. The Council’s school waste education programs are in line with curriculum objectives and are available to all schools in the Local Government Area free of charge.

    To find out more details please contact Council’s Sustainability & Waste Team:

    Phone: (02) 9806 8292

  • This program supports a network of local schools and community groups to collect and share heirloom organic seeds to create a self-sufficient seed bank which decreases the need to purchase commercial seedlings each season. Through this network, Council provides free seedlings for local primary schools for their food gardens, as well as free training in seed harvesting and storage.

    To find out more details or to register please contact Council’s Sustainability & Waste Team:

    Phone: (02) 9806 8292

  • Developed following years of research and successful pilots, the ClimateClever platform brings together the most effective components to create an innovative, data-driven App, consisting of three interactive online tools. The App enables schools, businesses, and residents, to: 

    • easily calculate and track their carbon footprint; 
    • conduct an audit of their buildings; and 
    • create personalised action plans to reduce consumption, costs, and carbon emissions across all utilities (electricity, gas, water and waste)
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Save Power Kits for loan

The Save Power Kits includes power monitoring equipment to help you identify where you are using power and where you can be saving power (and reducing your greenhouse gas emissions).

There are two types of kit you can borrow:

Save Power kit contains range of practical tools including a power monitor to work out how much power your appliances are using, an infrared thermometer to check for drafts and a thermometer to test heating and cooling as well as a stopwatch and compass

Power Mate kit has a single energy meter to measure how much energy your appliances use. It can also tell you how much your electricity costs for each appliance. Even when an appliance is on standby it can draw power, adding extra costs to bills unnecessarily.

Kits are available to adult library members for 1 week and must be returned in person.

Library Branch Save Power Kit
(black box)
PowerMate Kit
(white box)
Carlingford 2 2
Constitution Hill 1 2
Dundas 1 1
Epping 2 2
Ermington 1 1
Parramatta 6 6

A program to help people save power and money is now available for loan at City of Parramatta Library and its branches as part of the NSW Government’s Home Energy Action Program.

Workshops and Events

Council offers a range of community workshops and events on topics such as worm farming and composting, green cleaning, going plastic-free, growing your own food, and cycle safety and maintenance. 

For details on upcoming events visit and like our Liveable Parramatta Facebook page.

Workshops and Events
  • Compost Revolution

    The Compost Revolution program is a fun way to learn about composting and worm farming from the comfort of your own home. 

    People from all over Australia are joining the revolution and finding out how to create their own soil and fertiliser while reducing the rubbish they send to landfill. 

    First step is to complete the quick tutorial to learn about how to use and look after a worm farm or compost bins. Then you can claim your discounted worm farm and compost bin. Council will then approve the order and your items will be delivered to your door within a few weeks.
    Click here to find out more

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  • The Garage Sale Trail is a great way to make or save money by buying or selling your pre-loved stuff, whilst also minimising your impact on the planet.

    As an Australia wide initiative, there are numerous ways to be involved in the Garage Sale Trail both online and in the real world. This year's event looks set to be bigger than ever so expect heaps of money-making, treasure hunting and planet-saving fun.

    Garage Sale Trail happens with the support of local council partners across the country and over ten years has grown to a nationwide event which sees over 3.5 million kgs of items sold and saved from landfill.

    Every garage sale has a unique style and gets a sale page that provides clues to who's involved, what’s on offer and anything else that’s going down. It’s like a treasure map to second-hand greatness. Likewise, shoppers can search for sales, items of interest and make their own Trail of favourite sales to checkout.

    Registrations open September 2021. 

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  • Council has developed a network of cycleways to support cycling around the City for both commuters and recreational riders. 

    There is a range of bushwalks, historic walks and walking pathways within Parramatta. Check out our walking page to plan your next walking adventure. 

  • The City of Parramatta runs an annual awards program to recognise and celebrate the hard work of individuals and groups who are committed to improving our environment.

    It recognises the effort that these champions have put into reducing their own impact on the environment or in helping others to do the same. 

    If you or someone you know is passionate about sustainability issues and is actively doing something about it, why not nominate them for our Environmental Citizen of the Year award. Whether their passion is saving energy, growing their own food, avoiding waste, protecting local environments, recycling, or sharing knowledge with others – don’t let their efforts go unnoticed. 

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