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Park and reserve hire

Regulations for fitness trainers

If you're a fitness professional and want to conduct sessions for group fitness or personal training in our parks and reserves, or use our sport fields or courts. You need a permit.

We give permits on a seasonal basis for activities including:

  • aerobics
  • resistance training with or without equipment
  • boxing and kick boxing
  • yoga
  • tai chi
  • circuit training

To get your permit email:


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We issue seasonal permits.

Seasonal dates

  • Winter: March to September
  • Summer: September to March

Permits are valid for 26 weeks and you'll need to renew your permit at the end of each season.

Fees for both the permit and sports field hire are applied on approval, but the amount varies on the application details.

Payment of a bond may be required by hirers to cover any damage to Council’s open space areas and property.

Fitness trainers permit fee

Participants Cost
1-2 $256.55
3-9 $516.35


Sports field hire fees

Grade field Cost
D $148.95
C $183.45



Netball court hire fee

$73.55 per day per season

Example quote

Trainer uses a C grade sports ground 3 days a week with 18 participants.

$774.45 (permit fee) + $183.45 (c grade 1x day) + $183.45 (c grade 1x day) + $183.45 (c grade 1x day) = $1324.80 for 26 weeks.


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You must meet the essential criteria to be eligible for a permit.

  • Certification in accredited courses specific to the type of activity to be instructed endorsed by Fitness Australia and/or VETAB providers such as TAFE and universities
  • Current Senior First Aid Certificate with CPR component
  • Current Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) approved Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of $10 million with Parramatta City Council nominated on the policy as an interested party
  • Registered Fitness Australia professional
  • Sign in sheet
  • Pre-exercise form
  • Risk assessment plan (an example can be viewed on Fitness Australia's website)

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