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Melrose Park: Climate Responsive Neighbourhood

Smart Planning for Climate Responsive Neighbourhoods project

The Melrose Park: Smart Planning for Climate Responsive Neighbourhoods project uses smart technology to capture, analyse and visualise local environmental data.

Approximately 70 environmental sensors have been installed throughout the construction site and surrounding residential streets to monitor conditions including temperature, humidity, air quality, noise and stormwater.

City of Parramatta Council is proud to be a leading partner in the Melrose Park Smart Planning for Climate Responsive Neighbourhoods project and the first council in Australia to launch a project of this kind.

Melrose Park is a large (25-hectare) brownfield site where the development of approximately 5,000 new residential dwellings is taking place, with construction occurring over the next 10 years.

The former industrial site has provided Council with the unique opportunity to engage smart technology to monitor the environment before, during and after construction.

This project is a testing ground for the City of Parramatta to measure current development planning and regulatory practices, supported by real-time continuous data.

Pilot project

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As a successful Smart City pilot project, the approach has the potential to be scaled to other locations and contexts.

The $1.142 million project, which has been delivered in partnership with property developer PAYCE and the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), received a $571,000 grant from the Australian Government as part of the Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.

Other project partners include M Projects, The Urban Institute and ESRI Australia.

Community dashboard

The public are invited to view a community dashboard, which displays this real-time data.

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