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Animal Responsibility

Update Your Pet's Information

Keep your pet's information up-to-date

It is very important to keep your contact details up-to-date on the database so that if you move or change your phone number you are still contactable if your pet becomes lost or stray.

Did you know? Failing to update your pet's microchip information can result in an on-the-spot penalty of $180.

Change of address/details

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If you have changed your address or your contact details, you can send through the information on the form below.

Email address

By adding your email address to our database, we can email you even if you have moved house and/or changed your telephone number.

Secondary contact

Keeping your secondary contact information up-to-date, helps us contact you about your lost pet faster.

Update my pet's information

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Information message

Use this form only to update details related to: change of address where a pet resides; change of contact details (not ownership); lost, missing, found or deceased pets. 

If you need to change your pet's ownership information please scroll to the bottom of the page. 

(15 digits)

By submitting this form I agree that I am the lawful owner of this animal and that all details are true and correct. I am aware that I may be fined for providing false or misleading information.

Change of owner

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If you give away or sell your pet and are no longer the owner, you are required to:

Forward the C3 form to so that the register can be up-dated. The old owner’s signature is required.

Lost contact details

If you lose contact with the new/old owner, you can complete a Statutory Declaration, signed by a Justice of the Peace, outlining the details or how you came to be, or no longer are, the owner of the animal.

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