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Culture and our City

It is an exciting time for culture, arts and entertainment in the City of Parramatta.

We are experiencing a period of dramatic change and transformation. Our City is rapidly growing, building and evolving.

We are on a fast-track to becoming Sydney’s central city. A smart global city that sets the vision for great Australian cities.

New cultural plan

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Our new Cultural Plan will prepare our City for the opportunities and challenges that unprecedented growth brings.

Culture invites us and others to celebrate Parramatta as a cosmopolitan global city that is rich in diversity and history. It showcases what we are passionate about, what we value, who we are.


Central to our vision for an activated global city are the people – the artists, creative thinkers, communities, volunteers, participants, players, producers, creative enthusiasts and audiences.

Our plan will champion the role that culture plays in city building.

Culture is key to activating, celebrating and promoting our changing City. It is a driving force of vibrancy, a contributor to prosperity and the agent for showcasing and celebrating our Parramatta experience and story.

An activated and culturally alive city buzzes and hums. It is safe, welcoming, imaginative, stimulating and fun to be a part of our City.

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