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Small Business Programs and Support

City of Parramatta’s business programs and events support the City’s new and existing businesses, its entrepreneurs and its growing workforce.

With access to quality seminars and workshops by leading training organisations and industry professionals, our programs introduce important business development tools that make starting or growing a business easier.

Our diverse resident population and workforce are offered opportunities for professional upskilling, improving their employability and giving them a pathway for further development.

Council’s support of business events in Parramatta helps ensure our business community is provided with opportunities for networking, connecting, recognition and reward.


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Parramatta Small Business Program Webinars

Starting or pivoting a small business?

Don’t miss out on the exciting new webinars as part of the Parramatta Small Business Program.  

Mental Health Webinars for small to medium business owners

Mental Health Webinars

As a business owner it is important to look after your health, as well as your business.

City of Parramatta and Mental Health Training Essentials are bringing a series of webinars to educate business owners with their mental health.

  • This interactive workshop will encourage discussion, provide education and information on these important issues for business owners in the current climate:

    • We all have mental health. Mental health is not static, it fluctuates along a continuum from ill to healthy, from languishing to flourishing.
    • What can we as business owners do to support our own mental health along the continuum and how can we support those who we serve, employ and care about?
    • What behaviours, attitudes and self-care can we model as leaders in our communities?
    • What resources and services are available to help?

    Thursday 19th August 2021, 10am to 12pm

    Mental Health First Aid Australia Logo


  • In this interactive online session we will cover:

    • The signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety
    • What are the evidence based interventions for depression and anxiety disorders?
    • What types of professionals can help?
    • Resources and information for business owners.  
    • Self-care – a brief overview and reflection activity

    Friday 20 August 2021, 10am to 12pm

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  • This short workshop is an opportunity to explore the importance of self-care for mental health, no matter the stage or state of your business right now.  We will explore:

    What is self-care?

    Different domains that we need to balance:

    • Physical
    • Psychological
    • Emotional
    • Spiritual
    • Relationships
    • Workplace

    What might get in the way?

    What negative strategies do you need to avoid/reduce?

    Developing your own individual self-care plan

    Tuesday 7 September 2021, 10am to 11.30 am

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Strategies for growing your business
  • Do you also wish you had an extra pair of hands in your business to help you grow it? Yet, you simply cannot afford to hire permanent staff. Here’s where outsourcing comes in. Hire the help you need when you need it to free up your time.

    Outsourcing can bring an array of many other challenges. How do you trust someone WITH your business that is not IN your business? With so many outsourcing disasters, there is a right way of doing this.

    30 August, 10am - 12pm

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  • Stop doing repetitive tasks! And start growing today

    Are you finding that you keep doing the same thing over and over again? Stop Groundhog Day and start automating your business.  As a business owner, your job is to focus on the high-value tasks that will grow your business instead of keeping it stuck.

    Join us for this two-hour webinar to help you regain 5 hours per week back in your business.

    2 September, 10am – 12pm

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  • In this Business Planning Essentials webinar you’ll learn how to plan your next 12 months by building a short actionable business plan to drive your business forward in 2021.

    As the saying goes if you fail to plan you plan to fail. However many small business owners are put off by an over the top planning process leaving you with a document gathering dust on a shelf. Who’s got time for that!

    Put your business on the path to long-term success in this essential workshop taking you, step by step, through the vital process of building a short actionable business plan.

    Map out a plan focusing on where you’d like your business to be in the next 12 months and developing a clear vision of the next steps and strategies to take you there.

    You wouldn’t set out on a road trip without a map. The road to business success is no different. Without a map to guide you, you’re flying blind and just as likely to end up lost or off on a time wasting shiny object syndrome tangent.

    Take the guesswork out of your next steps and fast track your business towards success during this practical hands on workshop where you will clarify your long-term goals into a solid 12-month business plan to keep you on track.

    6 September, 10am – 12pm

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  • COVID has brought two hitherto hidden realities of small business in the food and tourism sector into the spotlight for consumers: steep commissions of online aggregators like UberEats and and the critical importance of Loving Local. The heightened awareness around book & pay/click & collect, direct with the venue presents small businesses new marketing challenges.

    You now need to: ‘spread your eggs;’ re-engineer your website to do most of the marketing with a sales funnel structure;  become very smart about the world of digital marketing opportunities; and  know how to produce & distribute the right content, at the right time, for the right audience.

    9 September, 10am – 12pm

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  • In these uncertain times are you feeling overwhelmed, stuck and ineffective in your role as a Business Owner?

    In this webinar you will learn 6 steps to Maximising your Productivity and how to redefine what success looks like for you and your business.

    • How to start working ON your business, not IN it
    • Simple ways to keep track of progress so that you know the Score
    • The keys to having consistent traction rather than a stop/start operating rhythm


    13 September, 10am – 12pm

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  • There are 4 types of people that you will either market and sell to that all have different behaviours when it comes to buying.

    If your business product or service gives a great solution and helps people, knowing these 4 different types WILL make sales and business growth up to 50% easier.

    If you want less time following up and chasing prospects, this workshop would suit you and will provide one of the missing links in customer communication and relationships, that keep your customers happy and buying more often.

    27 September, 10am – 12pm

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  • Considerations for Catering.

    Are there E-commerce for Food Service opportunities for your distinctive products (sauces/rubs etc.)?

    Being part of a Food and Beverage Trails or package with accommodation/experience providers.

    Create events/experiences for day/weekend/short breaks combining essence/distinctiveness of your region. Can you contribute to a Regional Food Hamper or Regional Recipes Ebook?

    28 September, 10am – 12pm

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  • Ever feel like that you are working more hours per week that you want or thought you would?

    This is a common situation for new and small business owners.

    If you could work less and still achieve the success you desire for you and your business, would you change your current routine?

    We have helped hundreds of small business owners with this very challenging and potentially soul destroying pattern.

    Learn in this workshop how to manage your business more effectively right now and “Get More Done”.

    25 October, 10am – 12pm

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  • This Short n Sharp Training session is appropriate for those in roles that need to provide quality service to internal and/or external “customers”, as well as those in need of a refresher.

    Topics Include:

    • Just who are your “Customers” and what is Great Customer Service?
    • Establishing your Attitude – Appearance Counts, Staying Energised and Positive
    • Identifying and addressing Customer Needs
    • Giving Excellent Customer Service over the phone – Etiquette, tips, and tools
    • Giving Excellent Customer Service via E-mail – Netiquette, tips, and tools
    • Recovering Difficult Customers
    • How you can WOW your Customers Every Time!

    11 November, 10am – 12pm

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Growing your social media skills
  • Are you using Facebook for your business?

    Would you like to learn how to make your current campaigns more effective?

    Join us for a two-hour workshop overview purely on Facebook.

    We will run through how to read your business page analytics to help you create more effective content. Find out about the latest software that will make your life easier and help you make content that will stand out from your competitors.

    Learn our simple ad strategy that we use in our agency that will help your content get more reach from as little as $1 per day.

    15 September, 10am – 12pm

    Register online
  • Most businesses understand that there are privacy, confidentiality and Intellectual Property issues within their business.  In this short-course we outline the legal issues you need to consider and manage as a business owner relative to you and your staff social media use and the use of operational systems within your workplace.

    20 September, 10am – 12pm

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  • With Facebook’s declining organic reach for businesses. Could it be time to explore new ways of marketing your business? Meet Instagram: Facebook’s prettier sister.

    Instagram’s rise in popularity means that businesses need to understand and be able to represent themselves properly on this platform.

    Join us for a 2-hour duck dive in Instagram for business learn some hack, tricks and tips to get your business proficient on this platform. Book your seat today to become an Instagram expert.

    23 September, 10am – 12pm

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  • Does your business sell predominately to a business to business market?

    Do you believe your customers are not on Facebook?

    With Microsoft purchasing LinkedIn in 2016, we have seen a rise in popularity with the platform making it one that is important to include in your marketing strategy. Making it the new Facebook for business owners and corporates alike. With advanced strategies on LinkedIn, you will soon see that your target audience is just waiting for what your business will offer on these platforms. You will learn effective ways of communicating with your audience and capture their attention on these busy platforms.

    29 September, 10am – 12pm

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Marketing and Digital Skills for Business Owners
  • Is your website an online business card that is simply not making you money? You may be getting visitors to your site, yet they are not converting into leads. Or you have just launched a website, and no one can find you? Your website can be designed to do your sales work for you, to bring in new leads and customers every day.

    Join us for this 2 hours work and get your website doing the hard work for you!

    31 August, 10am – 12pm

    Register online
  • Then look no further than Google, the world’s largest search engine.

    Discover whether your business is suitable for this platform. You will leave this workshop with the knowledge what steps to take before you consider Google Ads and how to set up a campaign.

    8 September, 10am – 12pm

    Register online
  • This webinar is about upping your content creation game with emotional connections. We explore the difference between customer ‘benefits’ and ‘experience;’ uncover Aristotle’s 4 keys to persuasive storytelling; learn about buyer personas as a more sophisticated approach to target markets; unpack what photos, subject matter and cropping support your storytelling efforts; and how emotional connection plays a key role in everything from social media to customer engagement.

    14 September, 10am – 12pm

    Register online
  • Are you using Facebook for your business?

    Would you like to learn how to make your current campaigns more effective?

    Join us for a two-hour workshop overview purely on Facebook.

    We will run through how to read your business page analytics to help you create more effective content. Find out about the latest software that will make your life easier and help you make content that will stand out from your competitors.

    Learn our simple ad strategy that we use in our agency that will help your content get more reach from as little as $1 per day.

    15 September ,  10am – 12pm

    Register online
  • This webinar is about upping your game on the tried and tested street-smart low/no cost methods of marketing communications in light of the trends and shift in consumer food attitudes.

    We revisit the tried and tested to see how they have changed and may be adapted; we uncover the hidden psychology of menu design and best practice in online reviews as a way to connect with customers; we learn about how Facebook and Instagram should be used to communicate your value to them; how you can get free exposure in online and offline media; the best way to communicate with the food tourists; and use email to best advantage.

    22 September, 10am – 12pm

    Register online
  • Google Business Solutions webinar will cover all major platforms from everything Google – An overview of what tools & resources are available from Google for your business.

    Including Google’s Best Practices for your website, AdWords, Analytics, and Maps & Google Apps for work.

    30 September, 10am – 12pm

    Register online
  • Yes, that is correct!

    Everything you’ve tried, everything you’ve learned and everything you think you know about marketing could be WRONG.

    Did you know there is a proven and tested formula for marketing a small business?

    Learn this formula, and you will see an immediate increase in both your number of leads as well as your number of sales.

    You will learn the secrets to marketing that will position your business in a league all of its own.

    22 November, 10am – 12pm

    Register online
Post COVID-19 Tips for Small Businesses
  • The key to reinventing your business or products is developing innovative and critical thinking skills. This webinar will uncover types of thinking, mindsets and introduce you to tools that can guide your thinking such as the innovation matrix, PESTGG Model and Blue Ocean Strategy.

    1 September, 10am – 12pm

    Register online
  • As the world continues to deal with the economic and operational challenges from the global COVID-19 pandemic, cybercriminals are pivoting their online criminal methods to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    On average each month, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) receives about 4,400 cybercrime reports through ReportCyber and responds to 168 cyber security incidents.

    Working from home is ‘the new norm’ for many professionals during this pandemic.

    Working outside a secured office and technology environment has specific cyber security risks, including targeted cybercrime. When compromised, unauthorised access to your stored information can impact what matters most to you: your data, your cash flow and – if your clients or suppliers are affected- your reputation.

    1 November, 10am – 12pm

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Law for small business owners
  • Most businesses understand that there are privacy, confidentiality and Intellectual Property issues within their business.  In this short-course we outline the legal issues you need to consider and manage as a business owner relative to you and your staff social media use and the use of operational systems within your workplace.

    20 September, 10 - 12 pm

    Register online
  • Part I – What is Intellectual Property?

    Types of IP – Trade marks, designs, patents, copyright, domain names.

    The power of IP and the importance of protecting your IP for your business.


    Part II – Branding

    Registering and protecting your brand in Australia.

    Registering and protecting your brand overseas.


    Part III – Framework

    The importance of a legal framework for a new and existing business.


    15 October, 10am – 12pm

    Register online
    • Defining Contract
    • What makes a Contract?
    • Who Contracts?
    • Contracts V Agreements
    • Types of Contracts in Business
    • What Contracts does your business require?

    18 October, 10am – 12pm

    Register online
    • Business Structures
    • Leasing
    • Contract Law
    • Employment Law
    • E-Commerce
    • Social Media
    • Intellectual Property
    • Consumer Law

    15 November, 10am – 12pm

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Small Business Elevate Program - Elevate

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City of Parramatta in partnership with Cordis Co invites you to this FREE online program for small business owners ready to take themselves and their business to the next level. If you know where you want to go but not sure how to make it happen this program will help you clarify where you need to be spending your time so that you can hit the ground running this new financial year.

Over 4 jam-packed sessions in August you will learn the formula for connecting strategy to execution so that at the completion you know how to maximise productivity and empower yourself and your team.

Register to attend all or select the sessions that you feel are most relevant to where you are at.

Session 1: Know your Outcome - Clarify your Vision & Values

Session 2: Be of value to your market - Increase profit by having a Sales strategy

Session 3: Maximise your team's productivity - Implement sustainable systems and processes

Session 4: Leadership Mindset - Install the standards of successful business owners

Join us via Zoom

Date: Every Wednesday from 4 August to 25 August 2021.

Time: 10am to 12pm

Presenter: Marjory Kari

Register now

Winning Webinars Marketing Bootcamp

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In recent times, business owners have seized the opportunity to educate and connect with their target market online via webinars.

But many are falling into the same trap. Old-school death by PowerPoint.

How do you ensure your webinar is engaging your audience – and they’re absorbing the information?

And how do you encourage them to take the next step - and purchase your offering?

If you’re ready to take your webinars to the next level, then the ‘Winning Webinars’ Marketing Bootcamp is for you.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Why webinars are an effective marketing strategy
  • Paid vs free
  • Type of content to include
  • How to prepare
  • How to present in an engaging way

What does it involve?

From 9 - 13 August 2021, you'll receive access to daily 7am educational videos, each covering a different aspect of LinkedIn. There will also be a daily 12pm live Q&A with me and homework tasks allocated.

Cost: $97

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Leanne Shelton, CEO/Founder - Write Time Marketing

Register online


Introduction to Building your Brand for Start-ups - Free

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In business, your brand is everything - and that's especially true for start-ups. This 90-minute workshop will help you answer these important questions:

  • What is brand identity - and why is it important?
  • What is your business Unique Value Proposition (UVP)?
  • Who is really your customer?
  • What are influencers, and how do you find them?

The small-group program is designed to be engaging and practical, and you’ll walk away with skills and knowledge you can apply immediately as you grow your business and find your place in the market. The introductory program is suitable for newcomers to running a business as well as those looking for a refresher or some new ideas.

Introduction to Building Your Brand is presented by Hardman Communications, an award-winning communications agency based in Parramatta.

Register online

Parramatta Localised virtual meet-ups

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Two women with flowers

The Parramatta Localised Business Meet-up is a great way to connect with other local businesses and introduce yourself; you can share what you do and what your business is all about!

Our Lightning Pitch segment is an ideal way to promote your business and expertise to others in only 20 seconds, allowing you to hone important networking skills.


Thursday, 15 July, 9.30am – 10.30am - Register online

Thursday, 9 September, 9.30am – 10.30am - Register online

Small business workshops, training & events – Western Sydney Business Centre

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Western Sydney Business Centre deliver Small Business Workshops for new and existing business owners on fundamental topics in your small business. Their workshops are low cost, practical and run by experts in their field.

Their workshops provide practical, real-world information on how to build a successful, profitable and dynamic small business. So whether you’re starting a business, or looking to grow an existing business, our workshops can help you make better-informed decisions.

For further information on the Small Business Program email

Western Sydney Business Centre logo

NSW Government's Dine & Discover

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Council is supporting the NSW Government’s Dine & Discover initiative which is now live in Parramatta.

Support local business

This initiative supports local dining, arts and tourism businesses and encourages the community to get out and about. NSW residents who are over 18 can apply for $100 in vouchers.

The offer ends on 31 August 2021.

Register for the scheme

All eligible businesses across NSW can register for the scheme and must be registered as COVID Safe

The vouchers are divided into two categories:

  • 2 x $25 Dine NSW Vouchers to be used for dining in at restaurants, cafés, bars, wineries, pubs or clubs.
  • 2 x $25 Discover NSW Vouchers to be used for entertainment and recreation, including cultural institutions, live music, and arts venues.


The vouchers can be used:

Takeaway meals

Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers will be used for takeaway from eligible and registered Dine businesses during the restriction period.

Delivery direct to the home by the restaurant or cafe is recommended. Food may be picked up from venue but check in with QR code is required. 

Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers cannot be redeemed for takeaway using third party delivery platforms.

They are valid to 31 August 2021.

ServiceNSW account

All customers will need a MyServiceNSW account to receive Dine & Discover vouchers. Customers can download the Service NSW app and register for a MyServiceNSW account now.