GALMATIC Youth Car Maintenance Workshops

Teen Girl Checking Oil

As part of our School Holiday and Youth Week program we invite you to join us for a Car Maintenance Workshop especially designed for young people aged 16-24 at PHIVE. 

The focus of this workshop is for students to feel comfortable with exploring and questioning, while allowing a sense of empowerment with knowledge and skills sharing.  

The workshop is designed around Galmatic’s ‘10-minute servo check’ which is a monthly car check to ensure their car is running at its best, doesn’t break down and keeps them driving safely. For example: 

How to check the engine, oil, coolant, fluids, battery and hoses.  

How to care for tyres and check the pressure 

Hands on experience changing a tyre 

Important information: 

This workshop is open to all young people aged 16-24 only. 

The workshop will be held in the underground basement level car park loading dock at PHIVE. 

Young people aged 16 and 17 require parental permission to attend the workshop. Parents, guardians and participants will receive an information pack from Galmatic prior to the workshop. 

The workshop is free however registrations are essential 

This is a hands on workshop, please wear comfortable clothing, closed shoes and be prepared for a bit of mess. 

About Galmatic 

At Galmatic we help Australian Women and teenagers feel confident and comfortable popping the bonnet of their car. We do this with our hands-on workshops and online courses. We are the leading experts in ‘everyday’ car know-how. We provide you with a safe and no judgement zone to learn new life skills. Car stuff EVERYBODY needs to know! We like to think of you as our passenger on this journey, so grab an oil rag and let us roll up the garage door. 

Phive, School Holidays, Family & Kids
10:30am - 01:30pm
PHIVE- Basement Loading Dock
5 Parramatta Square, Parramatta, NSW 2150
Free - Registration Required